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Local Radio Promotion

Promoting your business on the radio locally can be one of the best investments for a small business.

  • Local radio is very affordable.

  • Reaching your target audience is easier since the radio station will share with you information regarding their coverage and audience make up.

  • Most people prefer to buy from local businesses and seek out deals from them. If the business is new and the service and products are great, the radio station is extremely cost effective.

  • The frequency of your ad can be changed at any time. During the incipient stages of your business, you can establish a crawl, walk run mode. In other words, start out with our local radio contest, develop a 30 second spot of your own and move to a higher frequency of ads based on the optimization of your results.

  • PMMY and your local radio station will afford your with a great medium of web and radio to get your message out to public.

  • During today’s economy, radio stations are looking for ways to increase their advertising revenues. This means that creative approaches form both parties will lead to joint success by both sides. The PMMY model is a great approach for local advertisers. (See Local Radio Contest section).

  • Local radio will allow you to be different from your competitors and provide a means to get that message to the public.

  • You will be able to track the results of your efforts very quickly through local radio.

  • If your products or services are mentioned over the air, a form of credibility will be established immediately.

  • The web and radio approach will provide more flexibility in getting your message across for your customers.

Counter Cards

Counter Cards Posting An Ad

Posting an Ad
Outlining the download and use of counter cards to bring more targeted advertising to your ad posted here on PMMY.

Before posting your ads, there are several tips that you can follow which will make your ad more successful.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips Bartering Tips

Bartering Tips
Covers ways to market your business here on PMMY so you can get the most out of posting ads.
This section covers all the tips you will need to bartering with other people. Also included is a sample bartering contract and tax form.
Local Radio Promotion

Local Radio Promotion Radio Contests

Radio Contests
Promoting your business on the radio locally can be one of the best investments for a small business.

Radio contests are an effective way to reach your local prospects. Read here to learn more about how it can help you!
Advertising FAQ

Advertising FAQ Newsletter

Frequently Asked Question about advertising. A guide for small businesses..
The purpose of our newsletter is to promote guidelines for small businesses to increase their sales and revenues on the web and radio.
Sales Support

Sales Support Newsletter Coupons
Please contact us and let us know what your needs are!

Coupons will allow you to bring in new customers or reward existing customers.

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