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Radio Contests

Radio advertisement is an effective way to reach your local prospects. If it is coupled with web advertisement, it will provide you with one of the best ways to stretch your advertising dollars. There's a lot that's new in radio. Many stations now stream their programming on the internet and reach additional local and even national audiences. What's more, if online listeners like what they hear in your streaming radio spot, they're just one click away from your website. PMMY has developed a successful format that allows local radio stations to increase their listeners without any capital outlay by the advertiser. The format is similar to the “Price is Right” where the advertisers donate their products and services and get free TV air time. The difference is simple. First the advertisers are local. Next, the medium is the local radio station instead of the TV. Also, if the radio station has streaming audio, the audience is just a mouse click away from your web site or your ad on PMMY. Each city shall have contest information relative to their procedures.

Many restaurants offer free meals for two to get new customers through the door and at the same time, receiving precious air time regarding their business. Many car dealerships give away free oil changes to attract new prospects in the dealerships. Many hair salons, barbers, and hair stylist give away free haircuts just to get a new client in the door. In many cases, in lieu of the products or services, the advertisers will provide a gift certificate in the name just to get the radio promotion needed.

This approach is a win-win situation for the radio station since it will increase their listeners because most people will want to participate if it is free, legitimate and lack any risk. The advertisers get to promote their business over the air and reach many prospects with limited capital investment.  Best of all, if the ad is placed on PMMY, it will be on the web for review with the ability to be changed on a real time basis.

Each radio station that has partnered with PMMY will adopt their own format such as the fifth caller will receive the prize. Each contest could be hourly, daily, or weekly. The frequency of the time period will be based on the number of local advertisers in the community that will sign up for the service.

In order to get the message out to advertisers and the public, the radio station will run various ads that will be created by PMMY or themselves. Listen to a couple of examples that are presently being aired.

Below are a couple of example radio contest ads that aired in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.

Click the Play Button to hear each example.

Radio Contest Ad Example 1

Radio Contest Ad Example 2


Counter Cards

Counter Cards Posting An Ad

Posting an Ad
Outlining the download and use of counter cards to bring more targeted advertising to your ad posted here on PMMY.

Before posting your ads, there are several tips that you can follow which will make your ad more successful.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips Bartering Tips

Bartering Tips
Covers ways to market your business here on PMMY so you can get the most out of posting ads.
This section covers all the tips you will need to bartering with other people. Also included is a sample bartering contract and tax form.
Local Radio Promotion

Local Radio Promotion Radio Contests

Radio Contests
Promoting your business on the radio locally can be one of the best investments for a small business.

Radio contests are an effective way to reach your local prospects. Read here to learn more about how it can help you!
Advertising FAQ

Advertising FAQ Newsletter

Frequently Asked Question about advertising. A guide for small businesses..
The purpose of our newsletter is to promote guidelines for small businesses to increase their sales and revenues on the web and radio.
Sales Support

Sales Support Newsletter Coupons
Please contact us and let us know what your needs are!

Coupons will allow you to bring in new customers or reward existing customers.

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