Press Release: June 2009

Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Contact: John D. Hayes, PHD
678-478-0906 - Announces dramatic additions to the website that will assist local communities to make announcements on the web for free. These additions will also allow individuals as well as companies to offer a rental of some of their products and services on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Atlanta, GA ( June 25, 2009 -- (, which has a very unique business model for assisting local advertisers to place ads for free with local radio promotion has expanded some of their services to include rentals and community events for various organizations to announce their activities for free.’s alliance with local radio stations allows advertisers to get free radio promotion of their products by offering free giveaways to consumers by way of a contest. is a subsidiary of Lightning Studios, Inc. Since 1998, LSI has evolved into a nationally recognized name serving communities from New York to California.  Their new “fee free” bartering link offers business owners experiencing cash flow crises some relief.  Advertisers can trade goods for services and vice versa, “fee free”. 

Dr. Hayes, CEO and President of LSI, explains “Our continual development of our local products and services to assist local small businesses in their advertising needs is critical to the growth of our firm. We encourage use of the free services for businesses that are trying to get established. We are also committed to assist local businesses to establish the use of local radio to assist in their marketing efforts. Most important the need for low cost communications in the community is paramount since major newspaper services are diminishing. .”

John D. Hayes, PhD
CEO and President
Lightning Studios Inc