Press Release: January 2009

Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Contact: John D. Hayes, PHD
678-478-0906 Announces “Fee Free” Bartering Service to Aid with Small Business Cash Crunch

Atlanta, GA ( January 13, 2009 -- (, has partnered with LOVE 860 AM ( to provide an advertisement service for cash strapped small businesses.  Just added to the website is a “fee free” bartering link for individuals and businesses.’s alliance with Love 860 AM allows advertisers to get honorable mention on the radio station by offering free giveaways to consumers for the radio station contests aired every Friday at 1:00 PM.  Other initiatives include plans to partner with local print media to offer a value-added service and help positively impact their revenues. is a subsidiary of Lightning Studios, Inc. Since 1998, LSI has evolved into a nationally recognized name serving communities from New York to California.  They have been touted as an affordable platform for local advertisers to expose their products and services on the web, by offering free classified advertising for individuals and small business ads starting at $60 per year.  Their new “fee free” bartering link will offer business owners experiencing cash flow crises some relief.  Advertisers can trade goods for services and vice versa, “fee free”. 

The founders of LSI developed the model to allow more flexibility to advertisers to create and control their own ads by making changes at-will. This advertising approach has also aided buyers to identify great deals in their local markets by offering downloadable money saving coupons.

Dr. Hayes, CEO and President of LSI, explains “Our success with local retail establishments has propelled our focus to nationally based companies that will also be interested in increasing their sales”.   Dr Hayes adds, “We believe that our product mix of low / no cost internet advertising, coupled with no cash outlay radio exposure,  plus “fee free” bartering, will be a “hand-up” to our communities.  It is our commitment to provide excellence in service with a dedication to total customer satisfaction.”

John D. Hayes, PhD
CEO and President
Lightning Studios Inc