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Sell and Buy Your Groupon Like Coupons for Free

Groupon, Social Living and other on line coupons offer substantial savings for individuals, but sometimes the buyers desire to sell these coupon deals for whatever reason. Now has added a section to our website allowing sellers to sell their unwanted deals and allowing its browsers an opportunity to review and purchase these deals.  The sellers of these deals can post them in many cities and provide unlimited text on the deal with up to 20 pictures for free.

The buyers can review these deals without any registration. This approach gives both parities ways and means to negotiate their transaction. Our model differs from other web site models since these transactions are free.
For the advertisers, it is easy to post their unwanted coupons. First, they must registration and then they can post as many as they desire in various cities for free. Also, up to 20 pictures and unlimited text will be provided for free. This will allow the advertiser to custom tailor his or her message and provide all pertinent information. Most important, all ads are in real time which means any changes, editing, deletions and additions are at will and in real time.

For the buyers, they can browse for free and without any registration. If they want to contact the buyer, they can do at will for free. We will not burden our browsers with unnecessary documentation.

Share with friends and families this tremendous web site with other great savings and great deals.


The AD Post Newsletter is again is presenting another great feature for both our advertisers and our browsers. This new program to sell your unused group deals for free is a great opportunity to save money since the posting is free and a super and easy way to find these great deals. Don’t hesitate to use our fantastic site for your future and existing needs. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at

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