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Increase Your Sales by Creating and Posting
Your Own Real Time Coupons for Free

Now you can create, post, and mail out your own coupons that you control for at any time. The creation and posting of the ads are free. Also, you can send out these newly developed coupons once a month or at any time for as low as $25/month for one year. The coupons can be sent to new prospects or your existing customers. If you do not have email addresses for your customers, we can provide you with tools to assist you in your efforts. If you do not have any addresses, we can use our opt in email list. Most important, we send out your promotion in your local area. Equally important, you manage your own cost and cash flow.

Benefits of Posting New Coupons for Free
Local Monthly Coupons & Deals
  1. No charge for posting Coupon.

  2. Posting of coupons with the ability to change on a real time basis is available.

  3. You can post up to ten coupons for free.

  4. You can post expiration dates for your coupon.

  5. The posted ad can be changed at anytime. If an error is made, you can edit your posted coupon immediately.

  6. You will be given the opportunity to participate of the Deal of the Day program.

  7. You can download a counter card to alert your customers of your PMMY Ad and Coupons. After collecting your emails, you can send out your own coupons to your new and existing customers through our new program. You control when and where you send out your coupons.

  8. You can request emails from your customers to send your coupons directly to them.

  9. You can participate in our opt in email program where we send out these coupons on a monthly basis for $25/month in your local area.

  10. If you desire, we can provide you with a custom program for your ads.


The AD Post Newsletter is presenting again unique ways to save money and increase your sales. Our new program to create and post your own real time coupons for free will bring in new customers and satisfy existing ones. We encourage you to take advantage of our program. If you have any questions or comments, please email us a

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