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Social commerce has proven to become a billion dollar industry since many companies have developed business models for local advertising and local commerce. You probably are familiar with these types of business models that provide great local deals based on customer volume but can be costly because of out of pocket cost and reduced margin profitability.

PMMY has an even more intriguing business model for three reasons. First, our model allows the local advertisers more control over its advertisement since all of the ads and coupons are posted on a real time basis. In other words the local advertisers' can control the profitability level at any given time. Second, their ads or coupons are available on a demand basis. The ads or coupons are available on the web when the subscribers want them. Third, the advertiser or PMMY can send out coupons to new and existing customers on a controlled basis. This means that a restaurant, a real estate agent, a furniture company, a car dealership or even a plumber can advertise during slow periods and offer special deals to generate traffic at will. Most important, the cost to advertisers for these services will be on a fixed monthly basis.

Local Monthly Coupons & Deals

1: Posting of ads for free.

2: Posting of coupons with the ability to change on a real time basis is available.

3: Posting of pictures (Up to 20 pictures can be posted for free).

4: Posting of store hours (Store hours and vacation schedules can be posted for free).

5: Posting of your web site with your free ad is available.

6: Opportunity to participate of the Deal of the Day program.

7: The web site has news content to attract readers.

8: The advertiser will receive a counter card to alert its customers of its PMMY presence. Also, the advertisers can solicit emails from its customers to send their coupons and ads directly.

9: Over 100,000 opt in emails sent locally to existing prospects and new.

10: After collecting your emails, you can send out your own coupons to your new and existing customers through our new program. You control when and where you send out your coupons.

11: The cost for these services is charged on a monthly basis except for the posting of the ad which is free.

12: Classified Ads are also available and free.

13: Local TV exposure is made from time to time.

14: Local newspaper advertisement is done on a consistent basis.

15: Our search engine optimizations program will allow people to find your ad through an on line search. This means that when you create your ad, you can create key words that will allow prospects to find your business

16: Our guarantee program dictates the following: If you are not completely satisfied with your PMMY service after a one year period...the second year is Free for the same heading and value of advertising dollars spent the previous year. 

17: PMMY will credit your account with 3 months free service for any referral sold. After the account is paid, we will send you a notice of the 3 month free additional service.


The AD Post Newsletter is publicized on a monthly basis for the purpose of our advertisers, our buyers, and your local community. Small businesses are the fastest growing business segment in our nation. It is imperative; that opportunities for them to advertise at an economical cost in their local markets are available since advertising cost can be expensive. In other words, many new businesses go out of business in one to two years. The greatest challenge for these businesses is overcoming a lack of sales and increasing profits. The rising cost to reach new and existing customers can be crippling. Therefore, the PMMY business model provides aid to new and existing businesses which can help control these cost while reaching thousands locally; thus helping local businesses to become successful and providing great deals for local customers.

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